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The route, Nathalie et Alain Antognelli, Greetings from your German fans
The route, Nathalie et Alain Antognelli,Greetings from your German fans
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Greetings from your German fans

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29 May 2016 Greetings from your German fans

We hesitated for long, riding along the wild and long coastline covered with floating wood, where it would be nice to act as a Robinson one more time.

However, a strong westerly wind is expected and it is not reasonable to stay on this exposed coast. Then, attracted by an imposing Tuscanian home, we take the track to the Cala di Forno bay. The only one home in the area, covered in vegetation, in the Natural Park of Maremma.

7:30 pm, we have not set up the camp yet but Heinrich decided to demonstrate its cooking talent to us. Tonight, he is cooking for a dozen people including his wife, four of his children and a couple of friends. The dinner is taken under the veranda by candle lights. This morning, his friend Paolo “il pescador” came to deliver some beautiful silver breams, directly on the beach.

Thus, we have spaghetti with octopus enough to satisfy two kayakers in search of adventures.

Both families usually live close to Munich. Heinrich and Huberta regularly come to this corner of paradise where you live without access to electricity and still appreciate the good things, such as the wine bottles called “Anna’s secret” that we will remember for a long time.

In the late evening, Carlo, the domestic boar, adopted very young by the owner, is happy to eat bones from the breams and food left over. He lives in the park around the home where he reigns supreme amongst hundreds of does.

Because of the wind, we spent three more nights together while our tent is standing up to wind gusts around 20m/s (72km/h), thanks to a thick layer of sand.

This leave us time to appreciate our hosts company. Here we are delighted to watch the time pass, read, drift along, and collect floating wood. Huberta spent time collecting wood of any shapes and let her artistic imagination run free. Her statuettes are full of realism.

On our departure and though the hour was early, Heinrich and Eberhard meet us on the beach.

Heinrich: “It was a pleasure to meeting you. But you are really crazy to travel on these machines”

Alain: “Yes, but this craziness made us meet here.”

The same day, around 10 pm, after a 23miles/41km navigation route, we receive a text: “Everything OK? No new position on your website! Greetings from your German fans”



Traduction : Floriane Le Monnier / Schenker France