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“Mongolia, Ready for winter !”


November 22, 2018

“Mongolia, Ready for winter !”

Here we are ! With our one-year Mongolian visa in our pockets, and after 7 months and 2800 km on the road, we have settled in a small village. The Toy has been cleared out and we have moved into a little house (our base camp n°1).

The comfort is spartan, but for us, and with the temperature at -25° C, this is luxury. We have everything.

Running water is one kilometre away, but available every day at fixed times. It’s a meeting point where everybody comes to fill their jerrycan. Therefore we are looking to buy bigger jerrycans.

It’s simpler for heating and cooking; firewood has been delivered by two lorries and we just need to cut it into logs. We should have enough for two to three months, depending on the temperatures! The outhouse is spacious : a sheet metal roof, a pit covered with a few boards. Only the heating is missing !

30k from here, there’s a grandiose landscape, a valley of yak- and horse-breeders where a yurt will be our secondary residence.


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