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DVD L'âme de la banquise

DVD “ The Soul of The Ice floe”

  • Producer(s) : Nathalie and Alain Antognelli
  • Co-producer : Jerome Espla
  • Running time : 52 minutes
  • Year : 2015
  • Editing : Jerome Espla
  • Broadcasting(s) : Planete Thalassa, TV5 Monde
  • Production : 13 Productions, Imaka
  • 15,90 €      10,90 €
  • Language : French / English subtitled / Hearing impaired




You can see the film “The soul of the ice floe” in VOD via Vimeo, streaming 72 h or to buy.


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English Version





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Olennguaq, one of the last polar bears hunters, lives in the north of Greenland, at latitude 76°. Isolated from the rest of the world, he explores the ice floe in search of furs and food. Since 2009, Nathalie and Alain Antognelli, two Monegasque photographers have paddled their sea kayaks around the coast of Greenland, meeting people and learning about their culture. During their first winter, they were adopted by a Greenlandic family. Their path had crossed that of the hunter and this is where the story begins. For almost a year, they live the daily life of Olennguaq. They live his life, to the rhythm of the ice, the rhythm of the Inuit.

Translation : Véronique Couedelo / Gerry Docherty